aviation nozzle for a fuel pump

Aviation Nozzles(ZVF 40 for Avgas and JET A1 fuel)

Manually operated fuelling nozzles for overwing service with integral sightglass and swivel for easy handling. 100 mesh screen in spout. Flow up to 400 litres per min. Working pressure up to 10 bar. Spouts available 38mm or 44mm OD. New ‘oval’ shaped for JET A1. Add on extras such as dust cap/plug and bonding cable are available.

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Aviation Hoses

“Yellow Band” aircraft refuelling hoses, suitable for all aviation gasolines and jet fuels (JET A 1), deicing fluids and motor oils. Temperature range -30° up to +70° Celsius. Electrical resistance between 103 und 106 Ohm.
Lining: Nitrile rubber (NBR), antistatic, no fuel solubility
Reinforcement: At least two textile braids without metallic strands
Cover: Chloroprene (CR), electrically conductive, ozone and flame resistant, highly abrasion resistant
Standard type “HD-C” with two textile braids. Light weight, flexible hose for all pressure purposes. Not for suction. Burst pressure > 80bar/1200psi.