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Meters and Valves

IDEX and Piusi produce the most reliable and accurate metering systems (Liquid Controls & FPP respectively) for the industry worldwide. With LC or FPP meters installed on your delivery vehicles, at your bulk terminal or in your plant, you can count on years of reliable, accurate performance.

LC meters perform well with any liquid, including “dry” liquids with very low viscosity and lubricity like liquid propane gas. LC and FPP meters are exclusively designed with no metal-to-metal contact inside the measuring chamber. This feature minimizes wear, contributes to the meters’ accuracy and ensures long, reliable service life with significantly lower maintenance and operating costs.

Terminal applications

Housed in a steel spherical case pressure shell rated to 350 PSI working pressure, the Series features the same high-quality meter elements that are the hallmark of metering technology. Completely integrated meter accessories are available, including high capacity bulk vapor eliminators, strainers and valves.

No metal-to-metal contact provides the longest, most reliable service in the industry. Compact, cost efficient package offers greater mounting flexibility. Accessories include vapor eliminator and strainer with 200-mesh screen, diaphragm valve, choice of mechanical or electronic registration with optional temperature /volume compensation.

Mechanical registration systems

Ideal for systems without electrical power. Preset counters are available for either single-stage or two-stage valve closure.
Printers generate standard zero-count or accumulative style tickets.