gilbarco endeavor fueltech

Endeavor Dispenser Series

Gilbarco’s entry-level offering of singles and duals made in our wholly-owned China facility. Combines global technologies with competitive manufacturing to deliver a high value solution; experience Gilbarco quality even on a tight budget

Great price

Manufactured in Gilbarco’s low cost facility

Lowest price among Gilbarco comparables

Meets regulatory requirements (OIML complaint, ATEX version available)

Gilbarco world-wide quality standard

Uses Gilbarco’s CFT meter

Gerotor pump

Full range of options

Gilbarco performer veeder root pump at fueltech

Perfomers Dispenser Series

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the world leader in electronic dispenser technology, now brings you its value in an economical package: the Performer series of pumps and dispensers.

Inside, the Performer series includes the same highly reliable electronic components and hydraulic assemblies used in Gilbarco’s Legacy® pumps and dispensers. The Performer series is also specifically designed to bring you the benefits of Gilbarco technology in a high value package.

gilbarco legacy

Legacy Dispenser Series

The Legacy dispenser is made in the USA to the highest quality standards.

We called upon our decades of experience with Highline™, Trimline, and commercial units.
Then we added the time-proven technologies of The Advantage® series. And the Legacy® series was born.

The electronic Legacy® model allows communications with controllers, cash registers, and computers for complete retail site management.

Key Distinguishing Feature:

Designed for highly reliable service and lower cost of ownership.

  • Simplified hydraulics
  • Improved service access
  • Hydraulic connections reduced by over 50% for fewer potential leak points
Gilbarco veeder root pump at fueltech

Advantage Dispenser Series

The next generation Gilbarco’s classic “Advantage Series” offers reliable fueling with a range of new security and throughput features. Universal Advantage’s contemporary image enhances any forecourt; positioning your stations or network in a premier fashion.

> High-throughput “powerhouse” 
– MPD for fueling flexibility (up to 8 hoses, 4 fuel grades)
– MPDs to maximum fueling positions (up to 4 displays)
– Gilbarco quality and reliability; field-proven electronics
– New stylish image to enhance forecourt; attracting fueling customers

> Best-in-class TCO
– Gilbarco’s CFT meter; accurate metering with minimal drift
– Lowest price among Gilbarco comparables

gilbarco SK700 II

SK700-II Dispenser Series

The SK700-II is Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s flagship dispenser product. Technologically advanced with state-of-the-art electronics, the SK700-II is designed to offer best end-user experience.

Lowest total cost of ownership

  • Patented Ecometer and automatic temperature compensation significantly reduces fuel losses
  • Rugged and solid design through a strong and fully supporting structure guarantees lasting use


  • On-site upgradeable dispenser head to integrate Gilbarco FlexPay CRIND and third party payment options
  • Retrofit kits for Ecometer, automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and Vapour Recovery Stage II
  • Combination units offering alternative fuels in the same dispenser

Superior end-user experience

  • Best-in-class hose management for further reach and effortless handling
  • Low noise pumping unit offering pleasant end-user experience