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We offer a wide range of high quality, high performance pumps. With options for either fixed speed or variable speed pumps. Common to all pumps are the ease of installation and serviceablity. This ensures that you receive the performance benefits that come with this range of pumps. In particular, two common types in use are the Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pump and the Maxxum Big Flo pump.

Standard Features:

Fixed or variable speed.
High flow rate
Optimised flow path to reduce flow restrictions
Wide range of fuel compatibility (Diesel; 100% Gasoline; 80% Gasoline with TAME, ETBE, or MTBE; 0 – 100% Ethanol; 0 – 100% Methanol)
Certified Explosion Proof Design
Multi-stage centrifugal pumping system for reduced power consumption
Split Pump/Motor design for easy installation and maintenance
Manifold design flexibility for vertical or horizontal discharge