nozzles for fuel pumps available at fueltech

The most outstanding features of the nozzles provided by Fueltec Zimbabwe are user-friendlyness, performance and technical innovation. Often overlooked, but so important: the modular system of the ZVA. All major parts can be replaced. Therefore the ZVA is suitable for every petrol dispenser, every hose and every vehicle filler neck. Additional retrofitting in the field is trouble free.

The fuel delivery nozzles are specifically designed to deliver high volumes with total security. Rugged cast aluminium alloy body, high strength swivel and robust handle all help this nozzle to offer reliable long term performance.

The modular construction method of the ZVA enables economical maintenance and repair work. Simple repairs can be done on-site by service company engineers. In the workshop the ZVA nozzle can be stripped down and put back together again in minutes using the proper tools.

With one or two intermittend repairs, the ZVA can reach a service life of ten years or more.

ZVA – Ergonomically designed. User-friendly with the motorist and attendant in mind. Safe, with high flowrate, robust design and long service life. All the benefits of a modular design.


• All models are available with or without anti drain valves.
• Handle automatically locks when in closed position.
• Threaded sight glass as option.
• High flow and easy to handle.
• Ballsealings in PTFE (Teflon• ®) as standard.
• Snap log nut equipped on request.

Technical Details

Sizes: 1½” (DN 40).
Materials: Aluminium alloy.
Seals: PTFE (Teflon®), Fluorelastomer.
Working pressure: PN 10.
Test pressure: PN 15.
Safety factor: 5:1
Outlet connections: Male / female thread, Kamlock, TW, Snap lug nut or Spout.
Inlet connections: Male / female 1½” or 2”.
Teflon® is registered trademarks of DuPont Performance Elastomers.