Our Dry-Break couplings offer incredible value and ensure safe and easy operation. Turning the coupling hose unit 15° clockwise locks the units together. The valves are still closed and are not opened until a further rotation of 90° has been performed and then the product flow is guaranteed. To close the valve and to unlock the units, reverse the procedure. See factsheets below:

• Valves open and close automatically on connection and disconnection.
• Simple single action operation, no levers or switches to operate.
• Valves are guaranteed closed prior to disconnection.
• Minimal residual loss on disconnection (e.g. maximum 0.35cc for 2” DN50).
• Will connect and disconnect under pressure and flow where necessary.
• Extremely reliable, very few moving parts.
• Robust construction, no external operational components.
• Available with selectivity system to prevent cross contamination.
• Reduces spillages to virtually zero.
• Dramatically improves both operational and fugitive emission performance.
• Reduces the possibility of human error in transfer operations.
• Improves efficiency.

1inch couplings for fuel pumps available at fueltech

1” Coupling
(DN19 – DN32, Ø56 mm)
1” size are designed for smaller bore applications where compact dimensions are required.

One handed operation, high flow rate and minimal release on disconnection make them perfect for transferring high value or sensitive medias with confidence. The addition of selectivity to prevent product cross contamination expands the operational possibilities in manifold exchange applications.

2inch Couplings at fueltech for fuelpumps

2” Coupling
(DN40 – DN50, Ø70 mm)
2” coupling size probably covers the most diverse selection of applications.

Available in a range of material and connection configurations, it is designed for rapid and safe transfers. Offshore chemical dosing, Pharmaceutical feedstock and aggressive chemical vapour transfer are just some of the challenging applications these couplings see on a daily basis.

2.5inch couplings for fuel pumps

2½” Coupling
(DN65 – DN80, Ø105 mm)

The 2½” coupling is generally used in road tanker and aviation applications transferring a variety of liquids and vapours. Just like all couplings, the 2½” is available in a full range of materials to offer compatibility with most applications. A strong integral swivel, ergonomic design and rugged construction ensure the couplings are equipped for the real world.

couplings at fueltech

3” Coupling
(DN80, Ø119 mm)

A true 3” coupling, similar in size to the 2½” but with greater flow. Typically used for road and rail tank loading / discharge, in plant chemical transfers etc. Tough construction, ease of handling, no spillage and high flow made this coupling form the natural choice for N.A.T.O refuelling standardisation.

couplings at fueltech

4” Couplings
(DN100, Ø164 mm)

Without exception, the most compact, light weight, high flow 4” self sealing coupling system available. Used extensively for offshore ship to rig transfers of fuels and drinking water, aviation fuel bunkering, rail tank loading / discharge, chemicals etc. Rapid, positive connection and disconnection make them the standard for barge to ferry re-fuelling and multiple rail tank discharge.

couplings at fueltech

6” Couplings
(DN150, Ø238 mm)

The same features and method of operation as the rest of the range make 6” couplings the ideal ship / barge to shore connection. Much faster and safer than any flange coupling means not only environmental standards compliance but real turn around time savings. Full marine construction with rotating lifting loop as standard. As with all couplings, the 6” is equally suitable for flexible hose or loading arm applications.